Important SEO Tips for Your Website

Posted ON - March 19th, 2017

Important SEO Tips for Your Website

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are many changes in just a few years, and it can go all out to rank the site crazy.

Many people rely on the pay of each click or sponsor ad, but can be costly in the long run.

The good news is that I will give you 11 of your top search engine optimization tips that will keep you long. Personally, I have never lost any important rankings, such as Google their algorithm updates, in fact, my ranking is raised every month in general.

Appropriate keyword research

I see a lot of sites optimizing their site for the wrong keywords. To be honest, many people rank even without searching for keywords.

Perhaps the best keywords are usually a product of opinion, as those who are looking for someone to buy or find something to join.

For example, suppose you want to earn money rank online, which will be very difficult for the keyword rankings.

What you want, you will find the product or substitute in this niche service and rank.

For example, “Best Marketing Tools 2016” or “How to Collect More Information” is easier to rank great keywords.

You can also rank it, which is easier in this niche business or service.

Spy on your competitors

Spy on what your competitors do in google, you need to look at some of the indicators. Google only uses the top of the top of the relevant page, put the quality back in the station’s backlinks, rich content and social signals, along with people on the social media etc. Google also searches to share if your site is on your niche authority.

This is done by checking the import link from other authoritative sites.

The easiest way to do this is the Chrome browser “MOZ” toolbar. All you should do is search for the keywords you need to evaluate and see what appears on the first page of Google.

The MOZ Bar checks its “Domain Authority” (DA) and “Page Authority” (PA) 100, which also shows how much of your website pages are backlinks.

If you see DA and 50+ PA too many sites, it would be a tough keyword to order the bats right. Check whether there is a website in the first page under 30 years old, and if you see a lot, you are good to go.

Writing high quality content is connectable or shared.

When writing content, make sure your visitors are always value and content sharing, and can be linked to other niche sites on your niche.

For search engines not only items, they should always be end users.

There are some things to look for when writing your contents as follows:

Content is useful
The content is original
You can not help but link it to it
Have support for facts and references
There are many details that may not be notified
Some funny or interesting inclusions (such as video)
It’s not just nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, satisfaction
There are a lot of calls to call the promise of action
There are visual examples, diagrams and references
They have several contributors who have all the thought of the content
Thank you congratulations or who’s sharing it with other people
You have received a quote, discount or promotion
How and the links to the people of a great way
Create a dispute
Answer question
Conduct research and discussion results
Social media processing
Create a list (top 10 link construction techniques, etc.)
A blog, and build your own authority
Run a service or create a product (eg Firefox extension)

Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest web interface today and can be constructed as a WordPress site like google simple. This blog itself is created with WordPress!

In general, the WordPress site does not have much need to get from SEO to complete them and what you need to do is make sure your page is correct for keyword optimization you are trying to rank.

Use Proper SEO Plugins For WordPress

The best SEO plugin I have personally used is called Yoast SEO.

This will help you improve your SEO on page SEO optimization you want to apply for your keywords. It will tell you how many times the text text in the text is mentioned in the end.

In addition, it will tell you how to use your keywords in the title, meta description and subtopic, in the main body of the content.

It will also create a sitemap for you, Google can crawl with their robots.

This means that once you post a new page on the site or pay your content will be detected more quickly.

Create social media profiles for your site

Once your site has been completed and has met them on Facebook to create, Google Plus, microblogging, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube social media profiles.

You want to make sure that your site is a media profile on these platforms for socializing and publishing new content.

For example, if you create a page on a website, make sure you share your social media platform, ask someone to share and comment on your content.

It is driving a traffic to your website a great way and google likes social rankings.

Create Back Links

Once you have your site ready for proper web search engine optimization and social clues, it is time to build backlinks.

If your content is good, other sites will naturally link to your content, so you are very convenient.

While it is awesome, it may take some time so it always builds some of your own good ideas.

The best thing to do is to open an account on the Web 2.0 site like, tumblr, blog, weebly and

Create the contents of these pages and link them to the content you want to apply.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you can find cheap in writers to help this part of the content. Content must not be surprising or anything.

If it is 100% unique, you are good to go and your site will start from the links of these sites.

Use Proper Anchor Texts

When you draw your website with your web 2.0 site, make sure you use the anchor text keyword you want to use.

You can use the exact match keyword several times, but after that mix it up by linking to the actual URL of the website and generic keywords like “Click Here”, “Check This out” etc.

Use Social Shares On Web 2.0 Sites

Remember how we do social profiles for our main site, and now you should do this for your juice on your Web 2.0 website.

In other words, this is Web2.0 website link back to your site, the total increase in Google.

You do not do it alone, you will find someone or do anything for you.

Guest Post On Other Websites

Find your niche website and ask the owner if you have a high quality content link that can be written back to your site.

Normally, you can see their contact information under the “Contacts” tab.

Just make sure you write the full value of a good article because the content on the authoritative website is very strict.

A strong back link from one side is the value of gold.

Be Patient

At the end of the day the Google may take weeks or even months to organize your content if you follow these SEO tips.

When I started the first time to go to SEO, it’s literally 3 months and saw some kind of result, it just how it works on google.

Once your site starts by building good content and the quality of the reverse link to authority, it can be faster, and sometimes even on the first page to fall without the reverse link.

I hope you like this article if you have any questions or comments to let them in the following description.

See you on top,

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