6 Steps to create best Article that Drive Traffic

Posted ON - March 18th, 2017

6 Steps to create best Article that Drive Traffic

In the crowd stand out, you have to write a valuable and useful article to focus on your readers’ attention.

During the most recent information, the absolute number of articles on the internet is staggering. Ordinary Internet users bombard the day of the article.

Search engine results can save thousands of results in thousands of games so that the game can be seen the ultimate. Also, even when users click on your site, they can not read all of your content when they feel that they save time or more anywhere else.

Poor quality content can lead to very little traffic, while top-level product Internet users to absorb their knowledge gathered to your site. You are discouraged before the vastness of the internet, rest assured that there are some tips for trading.

The following is the secret of the creation of the article, bringing the traffic to your website.

1. Know your audience and meet their needs

Write the general content of the public is unlikely to get the traffic you want.

We have too much information here. Show your products in the same way that you will save tangible products in brick and mortar – through the supply and demand of simple economic principles of the lens.

It is always an offer of something, specific and product to this problem at any time.

The information you share in the article, the specific needs of the particular audience. Even if you feel that everyone can benefit from anywhere in your article, determine who your exact readers write you want to learn their content.

Nail your exact target audience, you have to do some market research.

To do this, the best way is to create a profile for an ordinary buyer. You can fill in the online survey of your target audience to get the information in this profile. With this profile, you can reduce your audience, their demographic information such as age, gender and race, and the background they use to identify their own terms.

Once you have created a profile that determines your audience, they like the type of content that needs to be targeted, less a mystery.

There are two benefits to meeting the needs of your audience.

First, the most obvious is that your readers want to return to your article as they know, to provide you with viable solutions and great discussion.

The second involves reciprocal law, which is a psychological term that describes how people respond to others’ care and friendly action. When you do something good for others, this person is a deep desire to do some good return, indoctrination.

In the business world, this means sales and customer loyalty. If you provide them with a way to solve the problem is available, your audience will feel the need to buy your product, not someone else’s. Provided this way, to achieve the return, simply through the appreciation of the information sent.

2. Write content based word

Once you have established who is your audience, you can get a little closer look and see what you are looking for.

This in turn will increase your knowledge to your audience, so you must help with more details, sharpen your content and optimize your public image. You have to consider the article with the keyword.

The keyword is the search engine pick up your website traffic directly. On the right side of the right number is search engine optimization (SEO), and can make or break your traffic number.

When creating content based on keyword search, add some other variations of these keywords in the article itself. In this way, you will maximize your search engine optimization, the amount of traffic sent to increase your way.

Remember that you are used to have to be quite accurate how the public will search for keywords in certain niche, rather than ordinary people.

More specific search topics, the more likely you will see the higher traffic your published content. It is always the content of the views and the intense flow of website traffic.

In this sense, the more specific keywords, the more you will refer to your audience to your website.

To determine a good tool, which keywords are used for Google’s AdWords. It allows you to see the amount of search and the competition that you enter for each word or phrase.

3. Research

Simply put, you can provide more value for your audience, and your follow-up activities will grow.

Write an article, say something unique, and rarely offer your readers no value.

Since you do your research to find out what is said. If your readers are interested in this expert, you will be able to automatically provide a lot of value, but if the area is unfamiliar, you must first educate yourself from the other sources of the parrot.

It is very important that the content is constantly created to traffic to your eyes. Let a habit, brainstorming the subject and idea of ​​the article. Use to see the trend, what is the current and what is the problem to ask people in any day online tools, the trend like Google.

While the demand in the article will exceed your natural knowledge and professional skills, you can always do your research, keep up with the latest trends and information that you can mix with you to learn how to create unique content is what your own experience.

Also, keep in mind that your content should solve your audience or their problem with the solution that provides a problem.

It is impossible, you are completely making original content, which is why it is very important to your own rotation that they make the content. Look for writing angles and do your best to make sure it’s fresh and unique.

With a new perspective to make the content interesting and memorable, and most importantly, from the rest except to set you up.

You take the angle that will be the core of your company’s identity. In other words, a unique voice for the creation of content helps to build your brand.

Make sure you are spelling online with your target audience. In this way, you will strengthen your brand and create a faithful follower.

4Sympathy and commitment

The most important duty that your article should perform is to solve the problem, but it is also important to do so.

You have to be connected with your reading for the content to be touched by its heart.

To do this, start to build sympathy and promise. Write like a robot in the text dictation dictate alienating your audience in the information extremely valuable.

Let your article with your audience, in considering this question, let the reader.

Do not let the heavy humor of the error, rather than create a real connection.

While humor can be persuasive at the beginning of your article, build relationships, reduce boring facts and statistics, try to use it as much as possible unless your letter is designed to provide entertainment. The subject may ask you to completely ignore the humor like a sad family member or handle written opinions with mental disorders.

A better connection can be established by the way in which the cost of the heart is sensible to the public, reflecting the problem of the problem and providing a unique solution for thought-provoking.

Sympathy is one of the most powerful tools for marketing.

If you do not feel ready to engage a viewer’s needs, you are completely unfamiliar and always need to learn and improve the fear of compassion by creating a detailed viewer file.

You know the better your audience, you can better connect. You will solve the problem in your article and is the subject of most of the relevant audience.

They are the readers of both sides of the thorns, they are stored in the night of the problem they discuss the coffee with their friends in the cup.

Never underestimate the underestimation.


The best advice for formatting your articles is to keep it simple.

More likely your audience will not be an ivy professor or a medical researcher. Having a long, complex paragraph viewer is keeping your article at the end.

When your readers click on your article and bomb them with the full text screen, they will not feel the need for further reading. Make your content friendly and user friendly.

Use charts and graphics. You block the text block that matches the theme of the image break up.

Use titles and lists to shorten your rich ideas and suggestions.

Provide enough information without oversight or detail.

There is a delicate balance that must be added to the important details and to write a paper strike.

Do not write articles Your articles should be backed up with facts, data and simple statistics, but do not overload your readers with dry messages.

Sprinkle the burner and personal storytelling voice to attract readers.

6. Hook Your Readers

Maybe you find yourself, you forget a compelling title to hook your readers’ articles themselves so much trouble.

Do not assume that your content will be self-evident. A funny title will force the reader to click on your content, no matter what information you provide.

The best headlines represent the questions or challenges.

Psychologically provides most readers can not resist the bait. Remember that the type of article you write matches the headlines.

Your title should not sound like sensational tabloid news, if you try a good, top crust attractive, but also should knock your title or boring.

Another striking title of another winning magic weapon is to use a list. Online readers’ attention is getting shorter and shorter, and such lists provide information quickly.

The title of the article, such as “5 reasons …” and “8 days to ctivities …” is a good way to attract readers.

Try to catch the essence of your article in the title.

If you can summarize the results of your article in a few words, use this summary. Tell you to read the article or have any questions that will answer your article after they should learn what readers.

In essence, people judge their cover books, even without considering drastic decisions. Can not ignore your article, because the title sounds not convincing.

Content marketing is a great way to stream your site and expand your brand.

If you follow the steps in this article, you can increase the effectiveness of your published content, put more eye through your product, and make sure your content has the desired effect. See you on top!

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